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Exceptional Storage Solutions for Businesses in Rotherham with Shipping Containers

A Tailor-Made Storage Strategy for Rotherham Enterprises

In Rotherham's evolving business landscape, storage can be a make-or-break factor. With Shipping Containers Rotherham, we provide local businesses with unmatched, cost-effective storage solutions that stand miles apart from conventional outbuildings.

Simplifying Business Storage with Robust Containers

Constructed with high-grade Corten steel and offering various sizes, our containers are designed to meet the unique storage requirements of Rotherham's diverse business community.

Your Ideal Onsite Storage: The 20ft Container

The 20ft shipping containers are a compact yet potent solution, perfectly suited for a range of businesses in Rotherham.

Why 20ft Containers are a Smart Business Choice

  • Exceptional durability with Corten steel
  • Cost-saving against traditional storage spaces
  • Quick and easy to set up

Flexible Hiring Options for 20ft Containers

Renting offers agility to adapt to your business needs. Our 20ft containers for hire are in top-notch condition, ensuring wind and watertight storage.

20ft Container Specifications

  • Length: 20ft
  • Width: 8ft
  • Height: 8ft 6ins
  • Weight: 2050kg

Hassle-Free Delivery and Security

With enhanced padlock lockboxes and skilled Hiab truck drivers, we guarantee both security and efficient delivery of your container.

40ft Containers: A Business Asset for Rotherham

For larger, high-volume storage needs, the 40ft container is the ultimate solution.

Key Features for Businesses

  • High storage capacity
  • Ideal for lightweight, voluminous goods
  • Customisable for various uses

Types of 40ft Containers Available

  • Standard 40ft: 8.6ft high
  • High Cube 40ft: 9.6ft high

Refrigerated Containers: Your Solution for Sensitive Goods

Perfect for perishable or temperature-sensitive stock, our refrigerated containers are rigorously tested for performance, offering both 20ft and 40ft options.

Double Door (Tunnel) Containers: Enhance Operational Efficiency

In Rotherham's fast-paced business environment, every second counts. Our double-door containers facilitate quicker and more convenient loading and unloading.

Full Side Access Containers: Storage Revolutionised

Offering unparalleled access and additional vertical space, these containers are ideal for businesses with unique loading and storage requirements.

Three Container Conditions to Suit Your Needs

  • Wind & Watertight
  • Cargo-Worthy
  • One Trip (New)

Safety First with Advanced Security

Each container has an integrated lockbox, providing an extra layer of security for your valuable goods.

Precision Delivery Service for Rotherham Businesses

Benefit from seamless delivery, thanks to our well-trained drivers who operate Hiab crane trucks for precise container placement.

Your business deserves the best. Contact us for customised storage solutions. Use our quote form here or call our container team on 0330 0130 636.

Container Pricing

At Shipping Containers of Leeds, our mission is simple: to deliver top-tier shipping containers at prices that are both fair and competitive.

Guided by our commitment to transparency, our expert team ensures that every aspect of our service, from the condition of our containers to the delivery process, is handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Get in touch with us for a quote tailored to your project.


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