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Shipping Containers for Sale & Hire in Hull

For those needing shipping containers in Hull, Shipping Containers of Leeds offers a wide range of options for purchase and hire. As one of Yorkshire's leading providers of shipping containers, the company offers competitive prices on new, used, and modified containers, with the ability to deliver to Hull and Yorkshire within 3-5 Days.

The company is well-equipped to serve various customers with depots situated throughout Yorkshire.

Hiring a shipping container in Hull

Shipping Containers of Leeds is convenient and cost-effective for those needing temporary storage in Hull.

We offer three types of containers for hire

  • General Purpose
  • High Cube
  • Refrigerated

with costs starting as low as £2.25 per day.

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Why Us

As a 100% British-owned company, Shipping Containers of Leeds prides itself on providing high-quality shipping container products throughout Yorkshire, focusing on efficient and friendly service. The company offers a wide range of new and used shipping containers for shipping, storage, and conversion into various other uses.

For the general public, Shipping Containers of Leeds offers a simple and affordable solution for storage needs.

Whether for personal use or a small business needing secure storage, the company provides a range of options at reasonable prices. Additionally, the company caters to large-scale operations, supplying containers for construction, energy, mining, and agriculture sites, including site offices, portable accommodations, and more.

Shipping Containers of Leeds also offers shipping containers to transport goods and cargo.

The company provides a range of regular 20- and 40ft containers and specialised options such as flat rack, open-top, insulated, and refrigerated containers for sale and hire throughout Hull.

We offer fast delivery throughout Yorkshire. Utilising a Hiab crane for delivery, customers can also opt for delivery by semi-trailer if they have the equipment to offload the container.

The cost of purchasing a shipping container in Hull can vary depending on the type of container desired. A used storage container can cost as little as £1800; pricing does fluctuate, but Shipping Containers of Leeds work tirelessly to provide competitive prices on both new and used containers.

Customers can contact the company via phone at 0330 0130 636 or use our quote form, and we will try to respond provided within 12 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Using Shipping Containers in Hull.


How much does a 20ft Container cost in Hull?

The cost of a 20ft container in Hull can vary depending on age, condition, and other accessories. Additionally, delivery charges to Hull also play a role in determining the price. Due to these varying factors, publishing a set price list is impossible. Getting in touch with us for a more accurate quote is best.

Is it more cost effective to purchase or hire a container in Hull?

Whether you purchase or hire a container in Hull will depend on your specific needs and budget. Hiring a container can be a more cost-effective option for those unsure of the length of time they will need the container or who prefer not to make an outright purchase. All containers available for hire in Hull are in wind and watertight condition.

How secure are 20ft shipping containers?

Shipping containers are incredibly secure and are considered one of the most secure storage options on the market. To enhance security, many suppliers offer the option of a high-security LockBox at no additional cost. This provides extra protection for the container's padlock and prevents tampering.

Is there any maintenance required for a shipping container?

Shipping containers are constructed from corten steel and are coated in durable maritime paint, requiring very little maintenance. Occasionally lubricating the container's door hinges can help ease opening over time.

Is planning permission required for shipping containers in Hull?

Shipping containers are temporary fixtures and do not require planning permission in Hull. However, it's always best to check with the local planning authority for any concerns about your location.

How are shipping containers delivered to Hull?

Shipping containers are typically delivered to Hull using vehicle-mounted cranes (hiab trucks). The driver will offload the container at your premises and follow all necessary health and safety regulations.

Where should I place my container, and how do I prepare my location in Hull?

When placing a shipping container in Hull, it's essential to have suitable access and flat, even ground. The container will be offloaded from the side of the truck, and the client's responsible for ensuring that the entrance and site conditions are suitable. If you have any concerns, it's best to discuss them with us.

What payment options are available?

Many suppliers in Hull accept different payment options, including bank transfers (Bacs), debit cards, online payments, and cash (with some exceptions).

Container Pricing

At Shipping Containers of Leeds, our mission is simple: to deliver top-tier shipping containers at prices that are both fair and competitive.

Guided by our commitment to transparency, our expert team ensures that every aspect of our service, from the condition of our containers to the delivery process, is handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Get in touch with us for a quote tailored to your project.


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