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Shipping Containers in Acomb

Are you looking for a shipping container to improve your storage options in Acomb?

We have a large selection of new and used cargo shipping containers. Our container advisors can give you options to suit your budget, from hiring to purchasing new and used cargo shipping containers outright.

20ft storage container

Container Sales in Acomb.


Shipping Containers of Leeds offers complete container service to our clients in Acomb, from initial quote requests to after-sales care.
Our experts are keen to discuss your container needs and help you choose other budgeting options. We have different grades of containers, from newly built shipping containers to retired shipping containers now being utilised as storage containers.
Reach us by phone on 0330 0130 636 or use our quote form.

Container Hire in Acomb.


At Shipping Containers of Leeds, we specialise in hiring and delivering containers to Acomb, Northumberland.
Regardless of what you use your container for, from a one-off event to storing goods long-term, our container hire services will provide peace of mind and fit your requirements.


  • Standard 20' & 40' sizes
  • Optional container padlock
  • No hidden costs
  • Hire and delivery with hiab truck
  • Flexible container hire terms
  • Fitted lockbox included

Special Containers Acomb, Northumberland


Looking for a special container? No need to look further:

  • Refrigerated Containers
  • Open Top Containers
  • Side opening Containers
  • Flat-Rack Containers
  • High Cube Containers
  • Tunnel Containers

Container Transport to Acomb.


We will include container haulage to Acomb in our pricing, and when we deliver, we will use a Hiab crane so our driver will position the container where you want it.

FAQs about using shipping containers in Acomb


How much is a 20ft Container in Acomb?

The purchase price depends on factors such as age and size, whether accessories are included, and the delivery charge to Acomb. It's impossible to publish a price list because costs vary depending on market changes and delivery costs in Northumberland.

Is purchasing or hiring a container in Acomb more cost-effective?

The containers we hire in Acomb are usually new or comprehensively refurbished. Rental containers are perfect when the client is unsure of the length of hire or does not wish to make an outright acquisition. All containers in Northumberland are in wind and watertight condition.

How secure are 20ft shipping containers?

Shipping containers are very secure and are the most secure storage option on the market. We supply and fit a high-security LockBox free of charge on all shipping containers for added security. Lockboxes add extra protection for container padlocks to stop them from being tampered with.

Any maintenance involved with a shipping container?

Shipping containers are fabricated from corten steel and protected with highly durable maritime paint, requiring little maintenance. Greasing the container door hinges will occasionally help ease door openings.

Is planning permission required for containers?

Shipping containers are considered temporary fixtures as they can be shipped anywhere worldwide. Consequently, they do not need planning permission. Please check with the local planning authority in Acomb if you have any concerns regarding your location.

How are containers delivered to Acomb?

All our containers are delivered by vehicle-mounted cranes (hiab trucks) and have the facility to offload containers at your premises.

Where do I place my container, and how do I equip my location in Acomb?

Good entry and flat, even ground are required. Our vehicles usually offload from the side of the truck. The client is responsible for entrance and site conditions, so feel free to discuss them with us first. All our drivers follow the latest health and safety regulations and will be as helpful as possible on the day of delivery.

What are the payment options available to you?

We accept Bank transfers (Bacs), Debit Cards, Online Payments, and Cash (some exceptions apply).

Can I purchase my hired container?

Options are available to purchase your container; please speak to a member of staff about

Do you buy back containers in Acomb?

Yes, we offer a buy-back option on all containers we sell in Acomb. We will pay the current market rates.

Is there a difference between new and used containers?

The new or single-trip containers are made in China, and shipping lines carry cargo from the Far East to the UK. Once empty of its cargo, the shipping container is delivered to our depot. The second-hand or used containers are ex-service shipping line containers that have been retired from their fleet, mainly used as storage units. Our used containers are all good quality and wind and watertight.

Do you know how to stack containers?

You can purchase interlocking twist locks to meet health and safety requirements.

How many pallets can I fit inside a 20ft Container?

Please look at our dimensions page for clarification; you can typically fit ten pallets on the floor of a 20ft container, depending on the size of your pallets.

Why should I purchase a container from Shipping Containers of Leeds?

We get satisfaction from working with our customers on a personal and friendly level. No one strives harder to ensure your satisfaction than our friendly team. Our company receives a lot of repeat business; clients continually purchase shipping containers from us.

Have you ever returned containers for a refund?

We are always willing to talk about buying back containers. All prices will be subject to the container market at that time, the condition of the container, and transportation costs to Acomb.

Can I customise a shipping container?

A standard container has an excellent basic design suitable for various custom purposes. It can be lined, insulated, and equipped with additional doors, windows, and electric components.

Is one of your storage containers large enough to hold my belongings?

Please refer to our standard dimensions page for information on the internal dimensions, floor area, cubic capacity, and door aperture sizes of 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, and 40ft storage containers.

Are you able to provide container shipping overseas?

We can refer you to international shipping agents for shipping abroad, but we cannot handle it.

Can we move the containers we rent or buy from you in Acomb?

It's not common, but please contact us if you need to.

Can our container be a specific colour of our choice?

We can provide a wide range of colours for both new and pre-owned boats. If you want the colour unavailable, we can custom-paint your boat using a RAL or BS colour scheme. Unless otherwise noted, all re-sprays are with a marine paint system of the highest quality.

Are fireproof shipping containers available?

They are not 100% fireproof but are made of steel and marine plywood, so they are very fire-resistant. However, as we all know, anything will burn if subjected to enough extreme heat.

How long does a container typically last?

Many types of containers are available, and each one is built to withstand the rigours of worldwide shipping for a long time. They are very tough and secure as a result. Used containers generally have been in international operation for more than ten years. It is not unreasonable to expect a storage container to function for over ten additional years if your application and location are appropriate and if reasonable care and maintenance are provided. A new container will have travelled from its country of origin and should last over 30 years as a storage container with appropriate care and maintenance.

Do you have locations worldwide to offer your containers for sale?

We are situated in the UK and have container depots across Northumberland. We do not have depots outside of the UK, but we can arrange shipping to foreign countries for you (We can only offer this service with Container Sales, not Hire).

How soon can you get my container to me in Acomb?

Our delivery times are 4-7 working days upon cleared funds, barring unforeseen delays.

Container Dimensions

20ft Shipping Container in Acomb

Internal Length: 5.896m
Internal Width: 2.350m
Internal Height: 2.393m
Payload: 28,000 Kgs
Door Type: Swing Outwards
Floor Type: Wood
New and Used Shipping Containers ideal for international shipping and located in our depot near Acomb
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20ft Storage Container in Acomb

Internal Length: 5.896m
Internal Width: 2.350m
Internal Height: 2.393m
Payload: 28,000 Kgs
Door Type: Swing Outwards
Floor Type: Wood
Small 20ft Storage Containers, unsuitable for shipping but ideal for storage. All wind and watertight, near Acomb and ready for delivery.

40ft Shipping Container in Acomb

Internal Length: 12.032m
Internal Width: 2.350m
Internal Height: 2.393m
Payload: 28,000 Kgs
Door Type: Swing Outwards
Floor Type: Wood
New and Used Shipping Containers, CSC Certified and in a depot near Acomb.

40ft Storage Container in Acomb

Internal Length: 12.032m
Internal Width: 2.350m
Internal Height: 2.393m
Payload: 28,000 Kgs
Door Type: Swing Outwards
Floor Type: Wood
Large 40ft Storage Containers, unsuitable for shipping but ideal for storage, wind and watertight and located near Acomb.